NN-788_The Fifth Generation

Automatic Vacuum Trimming Machine

(Features:apply to packing of all rice,beans and any granular objects.The automatic vacuum process enables the package to be vacuum sealed. The package is flat,beautiful and easy stacking.The work saves time,effort and storage space.)

1. The new system adopts the mainstream chip CPU1200 series from Siemens over the next 10 years. At present, state-owned machinery such as airports, subway stations and nuclear power plants all use Siemens 300-500 series chips.

2. Stability and reaction speed increase

3. Unlocked about 80% of fault warning tips, where the basic fault can be prompted on the screen.

4. Electronic relays and overload protection are used for important components

5. Cabling optimization

6. Added energy-saving mode.

7. Test the descending fluency of the vacuum chamber, whether it has been supplied with air, whether the air supply is sufficient, what position is pressed to the product when the vacuum is working, whether the air return system is completed after the vacuum is completed, the oil change is notified in advance, and the unshifted oil is forcibly shut down and detected. Segment shipping failure, one-button exclusion product (can be extended into the machine).

8. The above faults can be screen view records, and exclusion programs.

9. The new machine adopts Internet communication to avoid using another control box for data exchange. For example, the synchronization system can notify each other directly with network cables.

10. Added operation tracking, monitoring program and input/output switch (for maintenance personnel)

11. Added simulation program (for maintenance staff)

12. Updated vacuum pump, vacuum efficiency increased by 28%, overall machine increased by 13%

13. Leveling, vacuum, sealing independent or combined operation

14. Increase manual vacuum mode

This is a problem that has been discovered by our company for many years and has now been optimized and improved. Thank you for your support!








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Touch Screen( DU) on this screen, complete control of ability.Establish the whole process of vacuum!

The fourth generation has already used extensively in Hong Kong!



vacuum value




Air scurce

Seat:4bar trimming:7bar





Scope of application

1kg 10kg



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