Double N& Co. was established in 1983

and registered as Double N& Co. Ltd. in 1994.

Double N& Co. Ltd. is a manufacturer of rice processing and packing machines,

which concentrates in markets all over Hong Kong Asia and China.


Double N& Co. Ltd. produces different products to serve customer needs.

Among our products, "electronic weigh-packing machine"

is the most reputable one that includes 5 Kg,

10 Kg and 50 Kg weighing class packing machine,

and 5-10 Kg automatic packing machine. Without doubt,

our products are durable and reliable because we use accessories

from well-known producers all over the world,

such as monitor, weigh controller, program controller, etc.

Vacuum packing is the most famous packing system in which demand

for quality of food is high. We understand that advanced packing system

is essential for our clients to improve competitiveness; thus,

we provide also "bubbling" and "extractive"

vacuum packing machine to suit their requirements.

Beside the above-mentioned machines,

our products contain various machines for rice processing and food packing.

In addition, we also arrange agency service of advanced

food processing facility from every country and design rice

production system for individual customer on request.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information of our

products and services. We will try desperately

to guarantee top services to all clients.